How to destroy the Leftist universities

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School crumbling

To counter leftist propaganda, we must destroy the media, universities, and the public schools.  The media is on the ropes, thanks to the internet and alternative media.  Now, it’s time to destroy the universities.  Milo & others have started the process of delegitimizing academia and cultivating non-left political awareness and agitation on campuses around the country.  Here are a few concrete ways we can reduce the revenue & political influence of leftist universities:

  • 2+2 – get kids to do 2 years of community college, then transfer, instead of 4 year.  This massively reduces revenue to major leftist four-year universities.
  • Encourage more high-paying majors, fewer low-paying majors – show kids the truth before they commit.  This steers kids away from leftist humanities, towards hard science & practical majors, which are less infected by lefty ideology.
  • More trade schools & certifications, fewer liberal arts schools.
  • Get companies to relax academic requirements, use more testing, certifications, apprentices.
  • Make direct govt funding contingent on political independence of institution.
  • Make govt student loans & grants contingent on political independence of institution.
  • Organize alumni along political lines & tie donations to political independence of institution.  If a university administration or faculty discriminates against non-leftists, inform the alumni networks and associations.  Cut off donations.
  • Faculty & admin at school receiving govt funding, or students with govt loans or grants, can’t use school time or resources to engage in political activity.
  • Retaliation against students for political views, by admin or faculty, result in termination of staff member or loss of govt funding.
  • Campuses of schools receiving govt funding, or with students with govt loans or grants, must be open to all speech regardless of content, and must not restrict any events on the basis of the content.
  • Organize companies along political lines, to prefer graduates of non-leftist schools, and to relax academic requirements.
  • Schools receiving govt funds may not use any funds for any politically biased activity, including a school newspaper publishing certain political views, or events or groups promoting a political view.  If they do, the amount of funding from these groups will be subtracted from whatever direct funding the school receives, either being made ineligible for certain grants, or restricting the number of students that may receive govt loans & grants.
  • Schools receiving govt funds must report statistics relating to acceptance rates, graduation rates, average time to complete degree, average out-of-pocket cost to students, average total debt incurred by students, post-graduation employment rate, how long it takes students to get a job after graduation, average post-graduation salary, percentage of students working in a field related to their major, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years after graduation, etc.