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Taxes vs. Stimulus

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How do we achieve a voluntary society?

How might we bring about a voluntary society, one in which individuals are free to do as they wish as long as they do not...
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Answers To: “The problem with the Fed is that it’s private”

I hear this argument in most critiques of the Federal Reserve, so it definitely needs to be addressed. Talking to an anti-Fed person, you...
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Libertarians should not support Rand Paul

He has shown himself to be a liar and flip-flopper, changing positions at the slightest hint of resistance.  This is very different from compromise. ...
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12x more people work a higher risk job than police

  Looking at Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data from 2007, we see that there are 12 times more workers than police officers, with a...
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Answers To: “Free markets don’t work because people are irrational”

It’s government planning that depends on rational actors.  Irrational actors will result in a flawed plan, which is then imposed on the entire society....
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Answers To: “Taxes/regulations aren’t backed by violence”

So I’m going to start this “Answers To” series where I respond to some of the more common and inane arguments I hear in...
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Government supports large businesses against small businesses (with federal contracts)

Continuing in our series on “Government as the cause of capital concentration“, let us look at how the US government supports large businesses in...
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Government as the cause of capital concentration

I lay out the following hypothesis: that government is the primary cause of the capital concentration that Marx blamed on capitalism.  I aim to...
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About that 97% of scientists …

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