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Trump vs China

Is Trump the “Asia pivot” candidate?

Looking at the difference between Trump’s and Hillary’s attitudes towards Russia, one can’t help but feel that there’s something deeper going on.  Hillary’s hostility to Russia, contrasted with Trump’s amiable gestures, raises the question of what Trump’s objectives are.  Or more accurately, those of the team of national security insiders he has assembled, including former Defense Intelligence Agency director Michael Flynn.

Let’s get this out of the way: it is not non-interventionism, no matter what some libertarians may wish to believe about Trump.  These are serious military-industrial complex heavy-hitters in his inner circle.  He is not against using American power, he is simply pushing a different agenda from the neocons formerly in power.  His well-known antipathy to China may provide a clue.  Here’s Trump’s plan to “get tough” on China (there is no “get tough” on Russia plan):

Declare China A Currency Manipulator
End China’s Intellectual Property Violations
Eliminate China’s Illegal Export Subsidies And Other Unfair Advantages
Strengthen the U.S. military and deploying it appropriately in the East and South China Seas

Donald Trump campaign website, July 30, 2016

Increased trade barriers, sparking a possible trade war, combined with amped up military presence in China’s backyard sends a pretty clear signal of Trump’s intentions.  This falls in line with the elite foreign policy consensus of an “Asia pivot” in the past few years – away from the Middle East and towards containing a rising China.  Let Russia help us mop up ISIS and “radical Islam”, Trump seems to argue, which leaves us free to confront China.

At a press conference a few days ago, Trump said he doesn’t want to see Russia and China “teaming up”.  He seems to understand, or has been made to understand, the fears underlying thia Asia pivot.  Closer military and economic cooperation between Russia and China presents a major stumbling block to Western globalist hegemony.  The election contest between Trump and Hillary can be seen as a contest between the foreign policy realist “pivot” faction and the anti-Russia neocons.  Far from ushering in an era of non-interventionism, Trump would merely shift the target of American power.

Caucasus and Central Asia Map

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Central Asia

The US foreign policy establishment is shifting focus to Central Asia as the key pivot point in “The Great Game” for natural resources.  The increasing Islamization of the region and its attendant conflicts are part of an intentional “strategy of tension” meant to subvert, destabilize, and ultimately pacify the region for Western economic exploitation.  This is the thesis put forth by Sibel Edmonds and her partners at Boiling Frogs Post, in her series on Gladio B, her nickname for this US-led operation.

To further illuminate this topic, it would be interesting to look at the financial goings-on of this region in more detail.  I’ve drawn data from the World Bank regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) in this region for the past 20 years.  There is an obvious trend of increasing investment, with a hiccup after the 2008 global economic crisis:

FDI in Central Asia

FDI in Central Asia

Download Chart Data (CSV), Source: WorldBank.org

This is a good starting point for asking further questions.  What is the breakdown between US, Chinese, and Russian investments?  What proven and speculated resource deposits lie in this region and what is their estimated value?  What projects are being supported by these investments and how do they impact the economic power of those involved?

Tackling these questions in detail will be a useful analytical tool in understanding “The Great Game”.